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Am Can Int Ch Jaybren’s Cover Girl of Tierah JH


Special Awards

6 x Best of Opposite Sex in Specialty Show

2X Best of Winners - Specialty show

CHIC   26496

OFA Hips   VZ-9072F37F-PI

OFA Elbows   VZ-EL447F25-PI

CERF    VZ-544

OFA Thyroid   VZ-TH106/25F-PI



Am GCH Can Int Ch Tierah’s Ernest Hemingway RN


Special Awards

Best of Opposite Sex in Specialty Show

Multiple Group Placements, CKC, IABKC

CHIC 60262

OFA Hips VZ-11361G24F-VPI

OFA Elbows


OFA Thyroid VZ-TH401/24F-VPI




CH Jaybren's Four-Leaf Lohere



OFA Hips VZ-10955G29F-NOPI

OFA Elbows VZ-EL956F29-NOPI

OFA Thyroid VZ-TH403/41F-VPI



Ch Bowcot Smoke-n-Oakum of Tierah



OFA HipsVZ-10066F25F-PI

OFA Elbows VZ-EL681F25-PI

OFA Thyroid VZ-TH160/25F-PI



Ch Jaybren’s From Outa  Africa



OFA Hips VZ-10942G29F-VPI

OFA Elbows VZ-EL951F29-VPI

OFA Thyroid VZ-TH428/46F-VPI